Perch Fishing Tips for Newbies

Perch is one of the most popular freshwater fish because it’s quite easy to catch. These are a little different than most of the other fish species. For this reason, there are specific techniques and tips you should follow to catch them quickly.

We’ve made a little list of tips and tricks that can help you regardless of whether you’re an experienced fisherman or just a beginner.
Continue reading to find out some valuable information about perch, what it eats and where it lives, as well as what’s the easiest way to catch it.

About Perch Fish

Perch is a name for a few species of fish; European perch, yellow perch and balkharsh perch. All of them are carnivorous and live in freshwater. You can find them in ponds, lakes, streams, and rivers.

Perch eat small fish, shellfish (crayfish) and aquatic insects. There are also a lot of other fish that looks similar to perch fish but are entirely different genera.

This fish swims in schools and is quite favorite among anglers. Perch is the most active during dusk and dawn.

A yellow perch has a brass-colored body with vertical green and triangular bars. It’s without a doubt one of the most popular panfish in North America. It’s about 5 to 11 inches long and can live up to 10 years. Perch that’s larger than that is usually called a jack perch.

Tips on How to Catch Perch

Artificial Lure

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If you can’t get your hands on live bait, there are some artificial ones you could use. Lures such as jigs, plugs, and spinners should do just fine. Perch reacts best to white, yellow and yellow-white designs and color combination. You’ll need a lure that reacts to less movement since perch are smaller.

Live Bait

Live bait is more effective than any artificial one. Probably the best bait to use is soft shell or crayfish. That’s the type of bait you can use the entire year. If you can’t get soft shells, then minnows are the next best choice for fishing in cold water. If you’re fishing in the warm water, night crawlers are a good choice of bait.

Utilizing A Crappie Rig

Other than being a great way to catch the fish, by using a crappie rig you can see what perch bites on in your area. It’s suggested that you try different types of live bait on your crappie rig so you can see what perch in your area strikes on.

Once you figure out what’s their favorite live bait, double the rig with it and wait. This will help you catch two perch fish at once.

If crappie rigs aren’t your thing, you can try a slip bobber which should work just as well and easy.

Watch Your Bait

Ask anyone with a bit of experience, and they’ll tell you that perch are bait thieves. For this reason, you should always keep an eye on your bait. Use a small hook and keep the bait on the tip of it.

Perch are lightweight, so as soon as you see your bait moving, pull it from the water. Make sure not to pull too hard because that can pull the hook out of the fish. The key is to act fast.

how to catch perch

Timing Is Everything

Another reason why you should act fast is that perch are schooling fish. It’s important you remove the fish you caught and re-bait as quickly as you can. Where you caught one, you’ll find many more.

Perch schools don’t stick around in place for too long, which is why you should take the best advantage of the school you came across. That’s exactly why it’s recommended you use a crappie rig so that you can catch two at once.

The same goes for if you didn’t catch any perch. It means there are none at the place you chose, so you should move to another one.

perch rig

Final Thoughts

That’s about all you should do to catch some perch successfully. The entire process is no different than fishing for any other fish with the exception of a few minor things.

International Game Fish Association maintains all fishing records for all species so you can always check them out for updates on perch record. The record on perch wasn’t updated for about 140 years, but if you follow these simple tricks and tips, you might be the one to break it.

Overall, these simple tricks will help you catch some perch if not the biggest one of all time. Pick the best bait, use a crappie rig if you like and don’t forget to keep an eye on your line. With this basic information on the fish as well as the tips on how to catch it, you’ll end up with a few in no time.