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Lowrance Elite 7 Chirp Review

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We all know why fishing is fun and relaxing, but we can also agree that it can be quite annoying at times. I struggled a lot when I first started due to always catching the same quantities of fish.

Now, this can be fixed in several ways, although some are pretty complicated and time-consuming. By far, the best way of improving your experience is with a fish finder.

The technology is far from new but has dramatically improved over the last few years.

This is easily noticeable in the Lowrance Elite 7 Chirp fish finder.

I tested a few models over an extended period and found that Lowrance has the most user-friendly interface. It’s simple yet efficient, showing many different details you’ll find useful when fishing.

Take a few minutes to read the article below to discover all about its features, specifications, and overall performance.

What Lowrance Elite 7 Chirp Has To Offer?

Lowrance Elite 7 Chirp is indeed an elite fish finder, and the first thing that indicates that is its price. This one isn’t the most expensive fish finder out there, but it’s certainly nowhere near being the cheapest.

Although it might sound a bit too expensive, it’s important to mention that the company offers one-year parts and labor warranty. You also get a wide range of top-notch features to justify the price to some extent.

Plus, this fish finder is considerably cheaper than other Lowrance models, especially the touch-screen ones.

What stands out the most is the chirp technology, offering the most precise information. It gives you better separation of what you see at the bottom.

It has sonar and GPS mapping technologies to improve the overall usability and experience even more.

Large LCD Display

Lowrance Elite 7 Chirp has a rather impressive LCD, measuring seven inches. It’s one of the things allowing ease of use, especially when in the sun.

You’ll be able to see everything displayed regardless of the angle you look at. Plus, this also ensures that all details of the sonar return are equally easy to see.

The 7-inch screen makes a significant difference, making it easy to tell the difference between curves in the bottom, baitfish, and other underwater stuff.

Another thing worth noting is that you don’t have to read back and forth since this fish finder screen shows all the most essential information simultaneously.

The pre-set page layouts show DownScan images, the range, and the chart – all at once. The color display offers a full range of colors and a resolution of 400 x 800.

One drawback is that you’ll probably struggle to see the screen wearing sunglasses, but this is a well-known problem with many fish finders.

Chirp Sonar

Chirp sonar is where it’s at in the case of this Lowrance Elite 7. It’s among the most useful things to have when fishing and I’ll explain why.

The technology uses multiple frequencies at the same time to offer the highest clarity and less noise. This makes a significant difference because, as you know, noise can disturb your target.

Another advantage of chirp sonar is its preciseness. It makes it easy to find the fish and tell the difference between the targets, although this often depends on the type of fish you’re catching.

It comes with an 83/200+455/800KHz mount transducer for fishing at different depths. What’s great about it is that it shows clear imagines even at high speeds.

To get a comprehensive view, you should immerse at a downward angle and at least one foot away from the engine’s lower unit.

A Transducer is Included

One of the best things about this Lowrance is that it comes ready for use. It comes with a highly sensitive transducer that makes down imaging a breeze.

It’s great of Lowrance to include a transducer since many models of similar quality don’t include it. There’s also the possibility of buying it without a transducer if you already have one.

Not only it’s highly efficient, but it’s also easy to mount. The instructions are quite precise, making it easy to get this fish finder going a few minutes after opening the box.

The Transom transducer handles both the down-imaging and Chirp signals. It’s designed for semi-permanent mounting, so try to find a good spot where you won’t have to remove it as often.

Mounting and removing it after each use would take up too much of your time.

As mentioned earlier, this is an 83/200+455/800KHz transom mount transducer. It makes a huge difference when it comes to providing precise information.

GPS System Built-In

Another impressive thing about Lowrance Elite 7 Chirp is the built-in GPS. This is highly useful to have at hand as it helps generate map updates and prevent you from getting lost.

It connects automatically to any satellite in its view, using it to keep track of your boat. It’s especially useful on large lakes since it can help you return to the dock after fishing towards the center of the water.

The 16-channel antenna provides correct information on lakes and rivers that may be new to you. Also, this fish finder comes with a detailed U.S map and a waterproof micro-SD card slot.

Lowrance Elite 7 Chirp is compatible with Navionics, allowing possibly the best navigation and tracking you can achieve through the micro-SD slot.

Although many models have GPS, it’s rarely the case for them to be as reliable. This fish finder won’t fail you when in the middle of the water, so you can’t ever get lost.


As you may have noticed, many people recommend this Lowrance model as one of the best fish finders on the market. It features durable construction with waterproof card slots and a swivel mount.

Its 7-inch screen shows everything you should know when out on an adventure. It has preloaded maps, and you can even save your waypoints and chart plotting.

The Chirp technology is what makes it stand out the most, allowing precise down view scanning at all times.

Another few pros you should know about are:


As mentioned earlier, Lowrance Elite 7 Chirp is somewhat on the pricey side. It’s not the most expensive Lowrance, but it’s also not the most affordable one.

Although its many features and innovative technologies bring many benefits, the price might just be a breaking point for many people. Still, many experts and fishing enthusiasts think this fish finder is worth the investment, as you can see from the many Lowrance Elite 7 Chirp reviews.

Another setback I feel I must mention is the limited number of preloaded maps. Although it does come with several maps, which is definitely advantageous, many previous Lowrance models offer more.

Also, some people received faulty transducers. This rarely happens, but it’s important to note that the brand will send a new one in most cases.

Social Proof

Lowrance Elite 7 Chirp fish finder is highly popular due to its down imaging, built-in GPS antenna, and multi-window display. It’s an easy-to-use high-end fish finder, easily competing with some of the best fish finders on the market.

You can easily do the research yourself by reading some of the customer reviews online. These can help you understand why so many people like this fish finder despite its seemingly high price.

The entire software and system work smoothly regardless of the water and weather. It’s designed to show you the most precise downscan imaging, making it easier to catch different fish at various depths.

Its accuracy and reliability are what makes it as popular among experienced fisherman and beginners. It makes a huge difference when it comes to distinguishing fishing hotspots from other underwater objects.

Final Thoughts on Lowrance Elite 7 Chirp

At this point, you probably have a pretty good understanding of why this high-resolution fishfinder is as popular. It shows fish clearly, which is what matters the most.

On top of that, Lowrance Elite 7 Chirp is fun to have at hand. It shows lots of useful information, making it easier for you to catch more fish than before.

It can also help you stay on track if you’re on a large lake that you’ve never been on before. Its GPS helps get you from point A to point B and safely back to the dock.

Although it comes with precise instructions, the best way to understand how it works is to play with its features for a while. Still, try not to take it out for fishing before you’ve read the installation and use instructions.