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Humminbird vs Lowrance

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Lowrance and Humminbird are probably the two most trusted brands when it comes to fish finders. The debate to find the winner among the two is forever ongoing.

Every fisherman has their favorite, and always trying to prove its qualities over the other. Both brands are dependable, durable and reliable.

Even though many anglers feel very strongly about their opinion, it’s good to have unbiased side-by-side comparison. It allows for clear insight into all the features, specifications, pros and cons of each model.


Based in the United States, Humminbird was first founded in Eufaula, Alabama back in 1971. All their products are widely known, and it’s one of the most popular brands among fishermen.

They try their hardest to improve fishing for all levels of anglers. And when it comes to technology and innovation, they’re one of the leaders in the market.

Humminbird delivers their products to over 100 countries. What most people like about this brand is the high quality, especially when it comes to fish finders.

Their stuff is some of the best that the market has to offer, and there are many pleased consumers to testify to that.

Humminbird PiranhaMax 197C

This is one of the most commonly used fish finders by Humminbird. The reason for it is because the device is on the affordable side, and it still gets the job done reasonably well.

Its display is black and white.

What’s great is that sunlight will not disturb the use of this device thanks to its clear edge grayscale display. You’ll be able to read the unit even with the sun hitting right at it. However, the screen is only 4” in size.

Its resolution is about 240×160, which is somewhat of a standard. The entire unit doesn’t weigh more than 11 pounds, which is also a significant pro since most fish finders are much more cumbersome.

Humminbird ICE 35

Is ice fishing a bit more your style? If so, this is one of the best ice fish finders you can find. Among many other features, the flexibility of its zoom is the most talked about feature.

With precision, you can zoom to the bottom of your boat, but what’s even more interesting is that you can also zoom any part of water, too. This allows you a great view of the structure and fish at the bottom.

The unit has a fiber-optic display that has three colors. Also, by using the extreme temperature LCD technology, this fish finder automatically sets the flasher to match the lake bottom.

It allows you to see in up to 200 ft. depth with best quality and results due to dual frequency and 800 watts of power it has.

Humminbird 859ci HD Combo

If you’re on a more serious side and want the top of the line of what Humminbird has to offer, this is worth checking out. It stands out primarily because its display is 7 inches in size.

It has a range of 500 ft. below the surface, which isn’t the best nor the worst that Humminbird has to offer. What’s great is that the device has a backlit in its LED display that allows you to see a clear image even when you’re in direct sunlight.

Humminbird 859ci has Dual Beam Plus that enhances the coverage area to the maximum. Another thing that stands out is its 4000 watts PTP output. This makes the device powerful, thus one of the leading models on the market.

The Humminbird 859ci has a GPS, and it’s equipped with dual SD-card slots that can be useful in many situations. Both slots allow you to store your sonar recordings, screenshots, waypoints, etc.


Humminbird is innovative and takes all the risk that’s needed to make the best possible product. Their fish finders have high-speed processors, and they’re the first to make the 360-degree Sonar and side imaging.

It’s needless to say how side imaging has changed the way we fish today. We all remember what the prices of units that featured Side Imaging were. Luckily, Humminbird didn’t stop there but perfected their technology enough to lower the costs.

The products they put out are of excellent quality, providing bright and crisp image thanks to their superb SONAR readings.


The quality of these products is top-notch, but you’ll have to spend a bit more money on them. The thing is, the new and advanced technology comes at a price.

If you’re a serious angler willing to invest in fishing, we’re sure this won’t be a problem. However, if you see fishing as a hobby, you might want to go for cheaper options for the meantime. The choice is up to you.

Bottom point, the bad thing about these products isn’t a matter of their quality, features, or the way they operate, it’s merely the price that they come at.


Lowrance has been around since 1957, designing and developing fish finders. They are the ones who created the DownScan as well as the first recreational sonar. Lowrance uses Broadband Sounder Technology and is always trying to improve their products.

Lowrance fish finders are usually used to find open-water baitfish, cover, and gamefish. You can also use them to search beneath the water for some extra advantage. These products can help you improve your skills and bring home some of your biggest catches.

They aren’t expensive and are usually the first choice of many anglers that want a small device.

Lowrance Hook 3x Sonar

With its sonar operating at 83kHz, it provides up to 60deg of conical coverage. This is best for locating and displaying large fish arches and large areas. The fish finder features dual-frequency to choose from; 83 or 200kHz. This gives you clear view beneath your boat.

One of its best features is the ASP (Advanced Signal Processing). This thing reduces the need for you to manually have to adjust the settings to see fish or bottom structure in more detail. It’s a handy feature that can do good for you.

The Broadband Sounder Technology identifies fish, bottom contour, hardness, structure detail, and thermoclines. This kind of feature helps you manage your way in water with much more ease and success.

Its display is the LED-backlit 3’’ color display. It’s in very detailed 320 x 240 resolution that allows you to see all information well even in sunlight.

Lowrance Elite 7x HDI Sounder

This fish finder has the biggest display you’ll find on the market. The big screen display has many benefits providing you with the best performance and results in a short while.

The screen display is 7’’ wide-screen view with the best combination of contrast, resolution, and brightness. Even if you’re in sunlight, you’ll be able to see all the information on it nicely and with ease.

Lowrance Elite 7x uses 250 watts RMS power and frequency of 83/200 kHz. It also features Downscan sonar that you can use at an operating frequency of 455/800 kHz. This helps you get the high definition details of everything that’s underneath your boat from objects to structure.

Unlike much other fish finders, Elite 7x works just fine when placed under the boat thanks to its Imaging feature. This provides you with all the details such as baitfish, thermoclines, structure, and bottom under your boat.

Lowrance Elite 5x CHIRP

This device combines CHIRP Sonar and Down Scan Imaging. CHIRP sonar is what makes targets easy to identify, distinguishing bait from game fish. It provides you with better target definition in deeper water, and it marks fish even when your boat is going fast.

Down Scan provides clear images of fish-holding structures beneath your boat. Also, the fish finder features selectable single-frequency sonar operation and Broadband Sounder.

The Elite 5x has high resolution and a 5’’ color display. This is also another fish finder by Lowrance that features ASP (Advanced Signal Processing) that lowers the need to change the settings to see fish manually.

It has a page selector menu with quick access to its features. Its Multi-Window Display allows you to select from pre-set page layouts like the three-panel view that has CHIRP sonar ranges, chart, and Down Scan Imaging.


One of the best things about Lowrance is its pricing. Its smaller units are affordable and ideal for anyone who enjoys weekend fishing. These small units are indeed small enough to fit your hand which is convenient.

However, if you’re willing to spend more on a fisher finder, Lowrance has higher quality options available as well. Investing some money in this brand can help you find best fishing spots with ease and in no time.

With DownScan Imaging and bigger screens, Lowrance has a wide range of units that fit everyone’s needs and preferences.


Though these are priced moderately, some units aren’t as technologically advanced as their competitors. When it comes to larger units, their best feature is screen size which is essential but not number one priority.

Size matters since it allows you to see your surroundings better, it’s just that some people don’t find it as necessary. Plus, paying the extra buck for a few extra inches doesn’t seem to make sense for some anglers.

As you can see, this is just popular opinion, and it varies from person to person. These units are one of the most popular among fishermen, but as always, there’s room for improvement.

Final Thoughts on Humminbird vs Lowrance

Although both of these brands offer supreme quality and features, it’s important to think about your preference and priority. From the two, Humminbird has more advanced technology in every aspect.

Lowrance costs less, but its bigger models aren’t as technologically advanced as those of Humminbird. If you were to ask experienced fishermen, the opinions would probably be split.

With that said, we pick the Humminbird as our top choice due to having the most reviews & customer feedback. Most anglers can agree that they leading today’s fish finder market. Humminbird offers quality products for a fair price.

However, if you have a chance, make sure to try both brands to decide on your favorite.