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Humminbird 999ci HD SI Review

This is a helpful device that has everything you need to help you get some fish on your next trip. Its sonar range gives the best and highly detailed coverage.

Looking for a quality modern fish finder? The Humminbird 999ci HD SI is latest of the Humminbird’s technology offering ultimate experience.

It’s one of the best choices on the market because it gives accurate and reliable results. This unit is currently most popular and has a long list of fishers recommending it. Most of its good reviews speak of how easy it is to use.

It’s a simple unit that offers many impressive features.

Continue reading to find out all about its specifications and features and why it’s among the leading devices on today’s market.

Technical Detail & Specs

There’s a lot to tell about this device. Among the most critical specifications is the fact that sonar and GPS are integrated together. This puts the 999ci HD SI among the most convenient fish finders out there.

Plus, the unit has a large high definition screen where the sonar images and GPS are displayed. We’re talking about 480V x 800H pixel showing clear and accurate pictures. You can see both sides of your boat with the full 240-ft. image.

The 16:9 LCD screen shows clear images even in bright sunlight equally as well as during nighttime. With this size and pixel matrix, the device shows quality images that are easy to read.

It makes it easy to see fish as far as 1500 ft. underneath. The switch sonar is what helps with identification of fish and structure. Its GPS can save up to 25000 waypoints and 45 routes.

Another useful feature is the 2.5m target separation. It makes it easier to stay focused, and not get distracted by all the images showed on the screen.

The device has 10-20 VDC power input, 1000 watts RMS power output, and 8000 watts peak-to-peak power output. It operates with 200/83/455/800/50 kHz Sonara standard frequency.

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Wireless transducer

No wonder people refer to it as the most convenient fish finders on the market. There are several reasons for this; one of which is the fact that the unit comes with a wireless transducer that’s easy to install. Pair the transducer with the Bluetooth, and that’s really all there is when setting it up. Also, make sure that you’ve plugged it into the unit correctly.


The Bluetooth helps you control the unit’s functions. It offers you to do everything by merely pressing a few buttons. Use it to zoom in and out, go through custom views, and adjust sonar. Also, every button has a short and long press function.

This feature makes it easy to custom the fish finder according to your fishing style.


This 8-inch screen is suitable for direct sunlight or nighttime. It shows real-time, clear images making fishing much easier. You can see what type and size is the fish that’s near your boat.

It has 16:9 ratio and a 480 x 800 screen resolution. Plus, it offers a multi-display option that shows a few targets at once.


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Its range is integrated with highly advanced remote sonar. This revolutionary tool gives you the extensive coverage about two times more than the depth of water.

Use Down Imaging to sense fish in water as far as 1500 ft. Side Imaging detects structure underneath your boat.


It features quite advanced GPS system. It has a detailed location map giving useful information on rivers, coastal regions and inland lakes in your area.

It’s quite helpful to have all of that information available before you go on your fishing trip. This feature makes it possible to see all the best locations and what they can offer. Its GPS also has a chart plotter and contourXD mapping.

Lightweight and Compact

The device weighs about 2 pounds making this model a compact option. It’s portable and compact measuring 14x12x5 inches in total. You can easily carry it around even in long distance travels since it’s lightweight and takes up very little space.


Being that it’s one of the most advanced models on the market, the 999ci HD SI has many benefits. Its advantages are main reasons behind its popularity. It’s among the highest ranked models and has many fishers out there to speak of its quality.

Here are some most favorite pros that we like to mention:

  • Its large display is easy to read in different conditions such as bright light and nighttime
  • It provides a better view of structure and fish surrounding you thanks to the multiple screen combinations
  • The unit has impeccable Side Imaging capability
  • It’s accurate and offers 180-degree sonar detection
  • Outstanding networking capability
  • It’s lightweight and compact for easy portability and storage
  • Comes with a transducer
  • Allows you to track your position regardless of where you are thanks to its integrated GPS


The fish finder, like every other product, has flaws. However, when you compare the number of pros to cons, you can see why it’s among the highest recommended units.

Here are a few of its most noticeable setbacks:

  • Its battery lasts only about 2 hours which isn’t enough for most people
  • It’s not the most affordable unit on the market

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Final Thoughts in Humminbird 999ci HD SI

This is a helpful device that has everything you need to help you get some fish on your next trip. Its sonar range gives the best and highly detailed coverage.

Though it’s not as affordable, the unit offers impeccable quality. On top of that, it’s compact, lightweight, sturdy and versatile.

Regardless of whether you’re an experienced fisher or just a beginner, this is a powerful tool to have at hand. Its raving customers speak of its quality, ease of use and longevity. Using only a push of a button, you’ll quickly realize its many pros and friendly design.

If you’re on a hunt for a fish finder, this is a great option to consider. It’s durable and well-made meaning that you’ll have it for years. This is the type of a fish finder that gives you all the necessary information to make your fishing trips much more successful.

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