How To Fish A Swimbait in The Winter: The Best Fishing Strategies

Fishing can be a great way to get outside and enjoy nature. It’s also a chance to get some fresh air and exercise.

The best time of year to fish is in the winter when many types of fish are available. Swimming baits are an excellent choice for winter because they mimic the appearance of baitfish and draw more strikes than other lures. Here, we’ll cover how to use and fish a swimbait so you can seize more fish this winter!

Is Trophy Bass a Big Fish?

It is actually small. Trophy bass fishing is a size-based competition where you can only weigh in fish of certain lengths. Generally, most states require that your bass be between 12 and 14 inches to even come close to winning.

The reason for this is because, at this size, your bass is old enough to breed and be in the prime of its life. The length of your bass matters too because longer bass can lay more eggs than shorter ones.

Big Bass Size

The diameter of the bass’ girth should be between 28 and 32 inches for it to be considered big. So, if your bass is any bigger than this, don’t put it back into the water!

How to Catch Using a Big Swimbait?

What you should be fishing for is rock piles or rock bars. You might also find them over drop offs, the ocean side of the break walls, and reefs. When fishing at night time, you can find small mouth bass lurking in holes and feeding on crayfish larvae. But remember that they’ll move to shallower water at daybreak.

Choosing The Right Lure To Catch Big Bass In Winter

These lures cast far due to their large surface area so you won’t need to use heavy lines or heavyweights with them.

If you want something that will stay in one place, you can tie it on a soft plastic ball-head jig. Make sure the weight matches the size of your swimbait though because if it’s too light, you won’t get deep enough and if it’s too heavy, then swimming will be practically nonexistent.

What is Tactical Bassin?

This is a phrase used to define the aquatic environment in which occurs. Tactics are the steps one takes to achieve an end goal, and these can include baits, lures, rods, reels, lines, leaders, etc.

For example: “Tactical Bassin” describes a collection of bass species that can be targeted during a certain period with specific bait types.

Bass Fishing in Winter Months

Winter is a great time to go trolling because many of them are in their pre-spawn phase. This means that they are still aggressive and feeding on minnows instead of spawning. What this means for you is that you can get more bites than usual!

Best Swimbait Lure Types

The best-selling swimbaits are made by Strike King with their KVD Fat Baby as the top seller. There are dozens of other companies as well that make some great lures as well.

In fact, if you want custom colors made to your specifications, there are companies that will do it for you! If you want something more affordable though, buy from a less expensive manufacturer first until you know what works best on the waters you seize on.

Final Thoughts on How to Fish a Swimbait in the Winter

Now that you’ve learned something new today, you’re ready to go fishing. You can tell by now that swimbaits are great tools for any angler’s arsenal! Try them out and let us know how it goes.