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How Long is a Trolling Fishing Rod?

The commonly used length for trolling fish rods is in-between 8″6′ to 10″6′.

However, the length of a trolling fishing rod is also determined by the type of fish you are trying to catch. For example, if you are fishing for halibut or other deep ocean fish the trolling rod should be 6-7 feet. If you are trolling for salmon in rivers then a 7-8 foot rod is preferred, whereas a 10-12 foot trolling rod is suitable for catching saltwater species where the water depth can reach up to 100 feet.

Preference Based

Keep in mind that the length of the preferred trolling fish rod is also based on preference.

Depending on the length of the trolling rod, also depends on the side of the boat you are fishing from. If you prefer to be closer towards the front of the boat, a shorter trolling rod would suffice. Each sized length has its own advantages when it comes to troll fishing.

8" Trolling Rods

8″ trolling Trolling Rods are great fast action rods. They’re utilized for both deep and shallow water trolling on the rear of the boat.

These rods are ideal for light line applications, making them great for catching a variety of saltwater species such as pike, perch, and trout from lakes, or snapper from the surf.

10.5" Trolling Rods

10.5 ft trolling rods are great for trolling full spread rigs in shallow waters. They’re most often positioned straight out to the side, as well as low and parallel to the water.

The length of these rods is preferred for catching snapper, trout, and perch.

12" Trolling Rods

12 ft trolling rods are not too much for side rigger rods, but not too little for full spread rods. These rods are used typically for catching snapper, trout, and perch from deeper waters at a faster rate of speed.

They can also be utilized for light trolling applications in deep water locations with the use of lighter lines.

Type of Baits for Trolling

The type of bait also depends on the preferred trolling rod length. A longer trolling rod is ideal for heavier lures, such as spoons and plugs.

A shorter trolling rod however, would be better suited for lighter baits like feathers and flashers.

Are Longer Trolling Rods Better?

Longer trolling rods are better because of better separation of lines, and length to leader radio. The separation of the lines makes it easier to get a better catch, and close to an accurate representation of your spread.

The length to leader ratio is also important because it allows you to use lures that are more natural for certain species.

What Makes a Trolling Rod a Trolling Rod?

Trolling rods are meant for trolling alongside the boat, which is why they are typically longer than conventional fishing rods.

Trolling rods allow anglers to catch even more varieties of fish by attracting them with lures that mimic different prey species.

What is the Difference Between a Trolling Rod and a Downrigger Rod?

The difference between a trolling rod and a downrigger rod is that downrigger rods are used for fishing at greater depths with the use of a weighted line, whereas trolling rods are meant to be fished behind the boat.

Final Thoughts on How Long is a Trolling Fishing Rod

Overall, the common length for trolling rods is 8″6 to 10″6. This is the most commonly used length for trolling, but keep in mind that certain species of fish can be targeted from different depths and locations. As well as different rods are better suited depending on what you’re trying to catch.

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