Homemade Ice Fishing Sled

If you’re out ice fishing, it might become tiring to carry your rods, baits and the rest of your gear after a while. One of the best solutions for this is having an ice fishing sled. Though this might sound complicated, it’s not, and you can actually build one with ease! How to Make a … Read more

How a Spinning Reel Works for Beginners

Fishing has become more popular than ever just within the last few years alone. Much of these people go fishing has a simple hobby & recreational activity. The reason for this is the fact that recreational fishing is highly beneficial to the overall well-being. If you want to pick up on the activity, it’s time … Read more

Are Bonito Fish Good To Eat?

The waters of our planet are filled with all kinds of fish and species. Some families and species we know all about, while others aren’t as common to come across. When it comes to Bonito, many people speculate and wonder whether it’s safe to eat or not. It doesn’t taste like any other type so … Read more

What is Mudfish and Can You Eat It?

Can You Eat Mudfish

Whether you can eat mudfish or not has been an ongoing debate for quite a while. As it is in these cases, some people say you can, while others are firmly against it. What’s the truth? Some anglers catch it with their fishing rods and release it with , while others kill it for various … Read more

Tips on How to Fresh Water Fish

Freshwater Fishing Tips

How often do you go fishing on weekends? Whether you’re an experienced fisherman or just someone who likes to relax by the river and get some fish on the way, freshwater is one of the best for fishing. To end up with actual fish at the end of the day, you’d have to practice some … Read more

Lake Trout Fishing Tips

Trout Fishing Techniques

If you ask anyone with at least a little bit experience, they’ll tell you that lake trout is one of the most popular fish to catch. If you’re not as experienced yourself, there’s no need to back down from fishing for lake trout since it’s quite easy with some tricks. All you need for success … Read more

7 Fishing Tips For Catching Crappie

Fishing Tips For Crappie

Crappie is a well-known fish and for that reason, heavily targeted. However, this fish has a delicate taste and won’t eat just about anything. You can catch the fish by using several methods. Still, if it’s your first time fishing for it, or you’ve tried before but had no luck, we’re here to help. Here … Read more

Can You Eat Sunfish?

Have you ever caught sunfish? Before you think about eating it, you may want to consider a couple of things by reading further. But back to your question, can you eat sunfish? The simple answer is yes. Here’s a video of someone catching and frying it!   Sunfish – What Exactly Is It? Sunfish, otherwise … Read more

Salmon Fishing Techniques and Tips

How To Fish For Salmon

Have you ever gone fishing for salmon? Whether you’re an experienced fisherman or not, you probably know that Salmon is unlike any other fish. To be more successful at salmon fishing, you must know some of the basic stuff about the fish. Knowing the most common facts about it will help you understand what’s the … Read more

Fishing Trip Gear Checklist

Fishing Checklist

Planning to go fishing anytime soon? Do you know what are the most important items to bring along? Fishing license and live bait are only a few of the crucial ones. There are several ways you could prepare for your fishing trip, but a checklist is probably the most efficient. Preparing in advance is a … Read more