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Garmin Striker Plus 9sv Review

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Garmin Striker Plus 9sv

The Garmin Striker Plus 9sv is the last model in the long range of Garmin fish finders. It’s probably the largest device in the Striker Plus series that’s incredibly versatile.

The 9sv is unique and unlike the others in the collection. While it increases your chances of catching fish, it’s also made to work in a variety of environments.

It’s packed with features and specifications that make the unit more straightforward and user-friendly. Though it focuses on finding fish, it also has some basic navigation features that enhance the overall experience.

Take a look below as we discuss some of its best features, specifications, and pros and cons you should know about.

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Its LCD screen is backlit, which makes the unit easy to use in both daylight and nighttime. It automatically adjusts, providing the best view of the information displayed.

The tilt-mount is adjustable, and as such, it enhances the view regardless of your position. It measures 9 inches and provides a big picture of what you can find under the boat.

The 800×400-pixel resolution and WVGA full-color spectrum help create crisp and clear images. On top of that, the screen shows water temperature and Ultrascroll regardless of the boat speed.


The Striker Plus 9sv comes with highly sensitive GPS technology. It tracks your position wherever you are on the water.

All you have to do is mark waypoints of your desired locations or create routes. This allows you to return to hotspots whenever you want to.

The feature also allows you to mark boat ramps, docks, and whatever other terrain features. This makes it easier for you to return to your starting point. The function also shows your boat speed, but sadly, it doesn’t support contour maps.


This one is well-equipped when it comes to its sonar abilities. It emits signals at frequencies of 50/77 and 200 kHz. Its dual-frequency sonar emits signals simultaneously between these frequencies.

It comes with CHIRP sonar functions as well as the ClearVu and SideVu operating at frequencies of 260/455/800 kHz.


The CHIRP sonar dials at the high, medium, or both range levels at once. You get to decide the frequency that reduces noise and provides better HD images at the same time.

This combination allows supreme target separation and enough power to reach greater depths. Add its multi-colored display to the picture, and you won’t have problems telling baitfish, game fish, obstacles, and vegetation apart.

CHIRP isn’t like 2D sonar since it provides images that are higher in quality and details. You can always tweak the frequencies and play with CHIRP until you find how it works the best for you.


ClearVu offers a monochromatic 180-degree image with great clarity. You can use it in different ways to see the fish whenever it appears in real time.

The feature also allows you to see timber, brush, rocks or whatever humanmade structures. On top of that, you can split the screen image, which is excellent for combining ClearVu with CHIRP.


SideVu is important for your overall experience as it shows everything on both sides of your vessel as well as behind it.

In this case, the screen displays a 180-degree perspective of the environment underwater given that the bean scans up to 240 feet to both sides of your boat.

Its steady signals and the information received combine and create a real-like image of the bottom. The best thing is that the images are always clear, regardless of the overall condition of the water you’re in.

It has a zoom function allowing you to magnify the image whenever you need to take a closer look.

ActiveCaptain (App)

If you have a mobile device and wireless Wi-Fi connection, you can use the ActiveCaptain app for enhanced performance and easier use.

The app sends notifications directly to the fish finder. However, you can visit the Quickdraw Contours Community to download maps that were previously created. You can also upload some of your own maps if you wish to share them with other anglers.

In addition, the connection enables regular updates to the Garmin Striker Plus 9sv. Using the app isn’t necessary, and you could get away without it, but with it, you’d find this fish finder more convenient and straightforward.



  • Various Sonar Features – You’ll find Fish Symbols, Ultrascroll, A-Scope, Bottom Lock and several others to help you in your adventures.
  • 5000 Waypoints – in most cases, this number is a lot smaller with other fish finders. Garmin Strikes Plus 9sv allows up to 5000 waypoints for added convenience and ease of use.
  • Shows Speed of the Boat – though this isn’t an essential feature, it’s a good thing to have as you won’t have to wonder about your speed.
  • Waterproof and Backlit – it’s IPX7 waterproof, which is always crucial in fish finders. The display is backlit for easier reading.
  • User-Friendly – the unit is simple to install and use even if you’re a beginner.


  • No Card Reader Included – unfortunately, the unit doesn’t feature a microSD or SD card reader.
  • No Cover Included – though it’s waterproof, it doesn’t come with a cover to protect it from the sun when not in use.
  • Not Networkable – this limits the unit even though it comes with a series of other useful features.

Final Thoughts on Garmin Striker Plus 9sv Review

If you’re a beginner or an advanced angler, you might want to consider giving the 9sv a shot. It’s an impressive unit that’s easy to use even if it’s your first fish finder.

Though it lacks some things like a protective cover or a card reader, it comes with a vast set of different features. It’s packed with sonar abilities and is user-friendly, which is always something to look for.

Make sure to read the user manual that comes with the unit. Even if you do have some experience with fish finders, reading the info in the user manual can help you have a better understanding of how it works.