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Garmin EchoMAP 93sv Review

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If you’re looking for a reliable but affordable fish finder, this Garmin is probably one of the best.

When it first came out, it was clear that the Garmin echoMAP 93sv is an improvement over the older Garmin models. The manufacturer included some new features and technology. The quality of the product along with those few new features makes this among the best by Garmin.

Here’s why this is a good option to consider if you’re looking for a new fish finder:


It has a display of 9’’ in diagonal and a resolution of 800H x 480V pixels. It’s also backlit so that you can see everything even in nighttime or in direct sunlight.

The echoMAP comes with a GT52HW-TM (12-pin) transducer. It features Dual Frequency, SideVu, DownVu, and CHIRP Sonar:

• 150-240 kHz for 2D CHIRP Sonar
• 425-485 kHz and 790-850 kHz for SideVu
• 425-485 kHz and 790-850 kHz for DownVu

In freshwater, the device can go as deep as 2300 feet, while in saltwater it goes 1100 feet in depth. It has a power output of 500 Watts (RMS).


Sonar & Transducer

As we said, this model has a transducer. It has 20’ of cable and a 12-pin connector. It also has a temperature sensor.

Because this is a freshwater transducer, it goes only up to 800 ft under for traditional sonar. Its max depth capability for DV and Sv is 500 ft.

The finder itself can go as deep as 2300 ft. but for that, you’d need a transducer made for deep water. For this reason, it’s best for on-land fishing. However, you can go off-shore as long as you stay within the lines of 800 ft. depth.

As far as Sonar goes, the unit has Broadband CHIRP sonar, Down Imaging, Side Imaging and Dual Frequency HD-ID.

Navigation & Mapping

The echoMAP 93sv comes with US LakeVu HD charts preloaded. However, if you want to use the fish finder off-shore, you’ll need different navigation charts. If not, base maps are another solution.

The preloaded charts are quite detailed, and cover about 17000 lakes, rivers, and reservoirs in the US. The LakeVu HD offers Tide Tables and Multi-depth Range Shading.

Its 5 Hz GPS/GLONA S S receiver is accurate and fast positioning five times per second. It’s able to save 5000 waypoints, 50000 track points, and 50 tracks.

For navigation, the device has several sailing features and engine metrics panel. It has autopilot commissioning too.

Control Unit

The unit gives superior imaging thanks to its range of colors and a pixel matrix. It has LED backlight and adjustable lighting that provides an excellent view in all kinds of conditions.

It’s IPX7 waterproof. This means it’s resistant to incidental water exposure. Plus, it takes on immersions up to 1m for 30 minutes, but only in fresh water.

The fish finder can take MotorGuide and Minn Kota trolling motors. It features a connector with several pins. It connects to the unit’s quick release mount which features connectors for NMEA 2000, Panoptix, power and transducer.

Potential Upgrades

First of the possible upgrades to mention is the Panoptix sonar technology. This allows you to see live action sonar instead of just still images on the screen. The echoMAPsv already has Panoptix integrated, but you’ll need their transducer to use the technology.

If you’re looking for navigation updates, you can go with BlueChart g2 Vision, LakeVu HD Ultra, and BlueChart g2. Some of these also offer Enhanced Auto Guidance function. This feature shows the safest path between two points you selected.

The device has NMEA 2000 for engine data, autopilots units, sensors, AIS, and VHF radio.



Final Thoughts on Garmin EchoMAP 93sv

Most people opt for this unit because its transducer supports off-shore fishing. It’s for freshwater, and it can scan up to 800 ft. in depth.

The product is packed with features, impressive technology, and navigation system. It also offers excellent connectivity possibilities thanks to the NMEA 2000 output.

It could be the best choice for you if you have a bass boat and a bigger fishing vessel. For smaller boats, it may not be as suitable due to its overall size.

It’s a well-made device that offers excellent quality and a wide range of useful features. If you’re looking for a reliable but affordable fish finder, this Garmin is probably one of the best.

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