The 18 Best Surf Fishing Rod and Reel Combo

By Josh Hassell / March 22, 2019

Surf fishing is among the most exciting types of fishing for most anglers. It’s entirely different and a bit more demanding which is why you need the best equipment.

Wrong gear sets you up for failure, and you’ll just end up losing valuable time. What you need is the right rod and reel combo that might be completely different than what you use for other types of fishing.

For starters, you need a surf rod that can withstand different angling environments and occasional abuse. There are many on the market, which is why it’s important you consider all the crucial factors before you actually purchase any.

To help you with the decision, we’ve included a little buyer’s guide below. Once you have an idea of what to look for, you can proceed to our best surf fishing rod reviews to choose one for your needs.

Buyer’s Guide

Surf fishing, short casting or inshore fishing is done on the beach or out of a boat. To get the best equipment, you should first consider the water you’re in.

If you’re just getting started, you should get a shorter rod. You’ll probably get more casts and catch some smaller fish. Once you’re comfortable with it, you can go up to the long surf rods and bigger fish.

Larger rods usually take a while to get used to, but once you do, you’ll realize why fishing rod is as fun and popular.

First, here’s some of the stuff you should consider when buying a surf fishing rod:

  • Length – to determine the length that would work for you, you should decide whether you’d be on a jetty or you’re throwing from a beach.
  • Power – power is actually the line weight rating and the casting weight the rod can throw. High-performance rods are usually stiffer for a given weight. It takes more time to bend them which is why you should follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Action – faster doesn’t always have to be better. Fast rods give more distance, but they’re usually quite stiff as well. Those with a bend absorb shock better.
  • Material – you can choose between graphite, fiberglass, and hybrid depending on the fish you’re trying to catch.
  • Comfort – these features can make or break a rod, so you should consider them carefully. Think about the grip and whether you want foam or cork.
  • Budget – think about how much money you’re ready to spend. Surf rods range in price which depends on their features and overall durability of the construction. Surf Combos cost a bit more as well, but there are a few quality and affordable models on the market.

Surf Fishing Long Distance Rod Reviews

Fiblink Surf Spinning Fishing Rod 2-Piece

If you’re looking for a strong rod, you should consider the Fiblink Spinning 2-piece. It has medium to heavy power and a carbon fiber construction with increased sensitivity and improved performance.

It’s ideal for boat fishing thanks to the tough construction and tuned action. Plus, it has stainless steel and ceramic guides that are perfectly aligned and prevent the line from getting stuck. The guides minimize friction and allow smooth and long casts while also transferring vibrations from the line to your hand.

The rod features a non-slip rubber shrink tube handle. It has a tapered rear grip and tip-over-butt ferrule connection that allows durability and strength.

Its wheel seat has stainless steel tapered hood transitions that protect the cap. The transitions are above and below the reel seat.


For large fish

Carbon construction

Carry bag included


Poor packaging

Okuma Longitude Surf Graphite Rod

Okuma has a new rod technology and used it to deliver the Longitude series. The products in this collection are made of high-density graphite and have oversized double-footed aluminum oxide guides.

Every pole comes with stainless steel hooded graphite reel seat and soft-touch EVA cushions. These are below and above the reel seat for maximum protection.

All the poles come with Pac Bay rubber butt caps that help prevent slipping. The 2-piece blanks are available in sizes 8’ to 12’ in length.

It’s a sensitive construction with guide inserts that allow smooth operation. This helps prevent the line from getting stuck or damaged and broken.

Depending on the size you go for, you can expect line weight from 15 to 40lbs. All the rods in the series have cork wrapped non-slip rear and fore grips for some added comfort and maneuverability.


Cork tape grips

Relatively lightweight

Strong construction


Might be too stiff

Fiblink Surf Spinning Fishing Rod 4-Piece

The carbon fiber construction of the Fiblink Surf rod is one of the toughest on the market. It features increased sensitivity and improved tuned action.

It features stainless steel and ceramic guides for smoother and longer casts. The combination minimized friction and prevents the line from getting stuck in the guides. This also helps with transferring vibrations from the line to your hand.

All the guides are well-aligned on the bottom of the spine of the blank. Everything is perfectly straight which enhances the smooth performance.

The pole features a non-slip rubber cork handle with tapered rear grip. Plus, its tip-over-butt ferrule connection provides durability and strength for the long run. It also has a wheel seat with stainless steel tapered hood transitions.

It has medium to heavy power and 15-30lb line weight.


Easily portable

Comes with a bag

Durable construction


Not the best handling

Okuma Tundra Surf Glass Spinning Rods

Okuma is known for their durable and strong rods, so we suggest you consider the Tundra Surf if you’re looking for one.

It’s a durable glass fiber construction that’s strong and sturdy, yet flexible enough to handle big fish. It’s smooth and easy to work with thanks to the overall combination of its features and specifications.

Its reinforced double footed guides feature ceramic inserts for long casting and smooth operation. These prevent the line from getting stuck while you’re pulling your catch out.

The pole has medium to heavy action and can support 10lb to 30lb line weight with 2oz to 8oz lure weight. It features the five-plus tip and a fold-down stripper guide for some added convenience. Plus, the EVA foam rear and fore grips make it easy to hold even when wet.


Corrosion resistant seat

3-piece construction

Sensitive and strong


A bit heavy

Hurricane Bluefin Spinning Surf Rod

The Hurricane Bluefin is a spinning surf pole with a graphite reel seat and stainless steel cushioned hoods. It’s durable, long-lasting and easy to work with in various conditions.

This pole is among the most popular thanks to its double-dipped E-glass blank. The construction is combined with solid power wrap tip and aluminum oxide guides for smooth performance.

It’s a simple-looking rod that might not look like much at first. However, the two-piece combo is 12’ long which usually works great for all kinds of fish and fishing conditions. It has medium to heavy power with a line weight of 20lb to 40lb. Its lure weight is 4oz to 7oz.

The non-slip cork wrap handle is perfect for wet conditions, so it’s still easy to work with even when it’s wet.


Extremely strong

25 inches long handle

Good grip


Might be too flexible for some

Penn Prevail Surf Spinning Fishing Rod

Penn is one of the best names in the industry. Its surf spinning rod is versatile and suitable for a wide range of fish and fishing techniques.

The graphite composite blank construction is quite strong. It’s durable and won’t break under the weight of heavy fish. It’s still sensitive and flexible enough as well.

This one stainless steel guides with aluminum-oxide inserts. It’s suitable for both braided lines and monofilament depending on what you prefer the most.

Another thing worth mentioning is the DPS reel seat. It has a stainless steel hood and a reliable connection between pole and reel. The combination is durable and enhances the longevity of the fishing pole.

It also has rubber shrink tube grips that help with using the rod in wet and slippery conditions.



Suitable for large fish

Sensitive and flexible


Ceramic inserts might go loose

Shakespeare Tidewater Spinning Fishing Rod

This two-piece fishing rod has a durable graphite reel seat along with some cushioned stainless steel hoods. It’s versatile and easy to use in many different fishing conditions.

It works with 10 to 25lb lines with its five guides precisely aligned along the spine. It features anodized aluminum Stuart roller guides and stainless steel rollers. The combination provides smooth performance and prevents the line from getting stuck.

It might be a bit tricky to master if you’re up against some larger fish, but you’ll quickly get the hang of it with a little practice. It has durable solid glass blank and is perfect for traveling.


Easily portable


Suitable for saltwater


Not the best tip

Fiblink Surf Spinning Fishing Rod 3-Piece

This Fiblink 3-piece has solid carbon fiber construction with decreased weight and increased stiffness. The improved performance and action deliver toughness and precisely tuned action for different fishing conditions.

It has stainless steel and ceramic guides for smooth performance. The guides help in preventing the line from getting stuck. They also minimize friction for long and smooth casts while transferring vibrations from the line to your hand.

The rod features a non-slip rubber shrink tube handle. The tapered rear grip butt ferrule connection allows durability and strength.

It has a plastic wheel seat along with stainless steel tapered hood transitions below and above the protective cap. Overall, it’s well-designed and quite easy to use when traveling.


Non-slip grip

Smooth guides

Sensitive response


Not for braided line

Okuma’s Solaris Surf Fishing Rods SS-C-1102H-2

Solaris Surf rod has IM-6 graphite blanks for smooth handling and simple performance. It’s responsive and durable so you can use it for different fishing methods.

It has Fuji guides and aluminum oxide inserts that keep the line operating smoothly. It helps prevent the line from getting stuck while also allowing vibration transfer.

The pole features cork-wrapped non-slip rear and foregrips. These make it easy to work in wet and slippery conditions.

This one is easy to travel with as it’s lightweight and durable, so it won’t show any signs of wear after some rough handling. Plus, it’s a two-piece so you can keep it in your truck for an occasional cast.

It’s great for large fish since it has medium to heavy power. Also, it’s well-balanced and sensitive for long casts.



Fuji guides



Might be too flexible for some anglers

Okuma’s Solaris Surf Fishing Rods SS-S-1202MH-1

The IM-6 graphite blank construction and a combination of its features make the Okuma’s Solaris Surf among the best options on the market. It’s easy to work with and suitable for different conditions.

This one features Fuji aluminum oxide guide inserts for smooth performance. These prevent the line from getting stuck while you battle with your catch. On top of that, it has stainless steel double footed guide frames for added support and easier operation.

Another thing most anglers love is the cork-wrapped non-slip grip. It’s featured on both rear and foregrips. This helps you use the rod with more freedom as it won’t become slippery when wet.

It’s suitable for line weight of 20lb to 40lb and lures weight of 3oz to 8oz. Overall, it’s quite durable, and its strong backbone will pull out fish as heavy as 50lb.




Smooth operation


Not for beginners

Penn Battalion Surf Spinning Rod 2-Piece

If you’re an experienced angler, you’ve probably had a Penn product in your gear at some point. Their Battalion Surf spinning rod is among those you should definitely consider if you’re looking for a quality piece.

This one has two pieces in one, so it’s easy to travel with. It’s quite lightweight as well, so you won’t have issues with carrying it around in your truck for just in case.

It’s a 9’ pole with medium power designed for ½-2oz lures and 12lb to 20lb line. It has seven guides for smoother operation, so your line doesn’t get stuck anywhere.

The company has been around since 1932, so you can be sure you’re getting a product from a reliable manufacturer. The Battalion Surf spinning rod is among their best-selling models currently on the market.




Quality guides


Weak tip of the bottom

Fiblink Surf Casting Fishing Rod 2-Piece

If you’re looking for a casting fishing pole, you should consider the Fiblink Surf rod. It’s a carbon fiber construction for better performance-action and overall sensitivity. It’s tough and precisely tuned which makes it perfect for boat fishing.

Much like other Fiblink rods, this one has stainless steel and ceramic guides. It enhances the smoothness and reduces the possibility of the line getting stuck in the process. This also helps pass the vibrations to your hand, so the line doesn’t shake as much.

The non-slip rubber shrink tube handle has a tapered rear grip. The tip-over-butt ferrule connection enhances the overall durability and strength. Another thing worth mentioning is its wheel seat that’s made with stainless steel tapered hood transitions.


Great weight-to-strength ratio


Durable construction


Issues with eyelet inserts

Penn Carnage II Surf Casting Fishing Rod

The Carnage II surf casting rod is one of Penn’s best-selling products, so it’s definitely worth your attention if you’re looking for a quality piece. It’s a new generation of lightweight but powerful poles that deliver smooth performance.

It’s engineered to be versatile meaning you can even use braided fishing line. This one can take extra strain if you’re planning on catching some bigger fish.

One thing it stands out for is the Sis3 blank construction. It provides a thin diameter blank that’s more ergonomic, lightweight and easy to use.

The Carnage II pole features Fuji K guides along with Alconite inserts. These allow smooth performance and prevent the line from getting stuck as you tackle the big catch. It also has a non-slip fore grip that makes it easy to use in slippery conditions.



Suitable for the big and heavy catch

Easy to travel with


A bit too stiff for some anglers

Saltwater Surf Fishing Rod “Black Magic” 10′

If you’re looking for a saltwater rod, you should consider this one for its durability and set of features. It’s a two-piece construction that’s simple to travel with. You can use 3.5oz to 5.5oz lure as this one has 20lb to 40lb power.

The Black Magic is constructed with quality components that are resistant to corrosion. This allows you to use it in the most aggressive salt waters without any problems.

It features sever oversize guides that make it easy to cast straight and farther than before. Plus, these allow smooth performance and prevent the line from getting stuck which usually tends to happen more often than not.

Another thing worth mentioning is the reel seat made of quality components that are also corrosion resistant. The grip features EVA foam for added comfort and ease of use.


Two-piece construction

Easy to assemble



Might experience eyelet issues

Agepoch Telescopic Fishing Rod

The Agepoch rod is made from carbon fiber and fiberglass, so it’s durable, strong and lightweight. It has high-quality components and is one of the best selling products from the brand.

The rod has quality gold-colored guide loops that are corrosion resistant. These allow smooth throwing and reduce the possibility that the line could get stuck in the process.

It also features the lotus thread ring that’s quite precise and makes the overall operation easier. You can adjust the position up and down until you find the way it’s most practical to you.

The brand chose the high-grade extended non-slip handle. It’s breathable and comfortable so you won’t feel any stress on your hand after prolonged fishing.

Overall, it’s easy to travel with and keep in a bag or suitcase. You can also carry it in your truck for occasional throws from the beach.


Durable construction

Easily portable



Not the best for heavy fish

Surf Fishing Rod and Reel Combos

Okuma Tundra Surf Spinning Combo

This Okuma Tundra combo is one of the most popular choices on the market. All its components are made of corrosion-resistant materials adding to its durability and longevity.

The corrosion-resistant graphite spool and glass fiber blank construction are strong and sturdy. Since these are the most important components, you’ll notice their good quality and ease of use.

Another thing worth mentioning is the multi-disc oiled-felt drag system. It allows you to battle bigger fish without any problems. Plus, the EVA foam fore and rear grips make it easy to maneuver with even in wet and slippery conditions.

The rod is 10 foot long, and its 80-sized spinning reel can hold up to 260 yards and 25lb test. It has ceramic guide inserts that keep the line going smoothly, preventing it from getting stuck.


Easy to maneuver with

Durable reel

For bigger fish


A bit stiff

Sea Striker ST5080 Surf Spin Combo

Sea Striker surf spin combo is ideal for those fishing for large fish. It’s easy to use and travel with, so you can carry it in your truck for an occasional throw whenever you want to.

It’s a 2-piece that’s 8ft long and has medium power. In most cases, it’s suitable for a wide variety of different fishing and weather conditions. You can use different line and lure, which allows you to experiment a little with both.

It’s an affordable combination that’s suitable for beginners as well as for more advanced anglers. Overall, it might take you some time to get used to its stiffness. You can use it in different waters and upgrade it to your liking.


Easy to use

Durable construction



Might be too stiff for some

Daiwa D-Wave Saltwater Spinning Combo 2-Piece

If you’re looking for something affordable but durable, you should consider the Daiwa D-Wave combo. It’s a two-piece you can use on open saltwater without fearing the corrosion.

It’s a blank fiberglass construction that’s quite long-lasting and strong. It can take a beating, so you can use it to catch some larger and heavier fish.

The aluminum-oxide guides help with the smooth operation as they prevent the line from getting stuck in the process. Plus, its EVA foam grip makes it easy for you to battle the heavy catch since it’s easy to hold on to even in wet and slippery conditions.

The reel it comes with has a stainless steel ball bearing drive and is suitable for a wide range of different fishing methods.


Strong construction

Non-slip EVA foam

Quality guides



How to Choose The Right Surf Fishing Rod?

Casting distance

The key is to get the bait or lure past the breaking waves where the water contains more fish. It’s also easier to work with your lure in this water because it’s relatively calm.

However, this means you’ll have to throw far and also maintain the accuracy when you cast. The two most important things that impact your distance are length and action.

A longer pole can significantly improve your distance which is why most models measure between 9 to 15 feet. Those with slower actions usually help increase your casting range, which is why smaller poles are easier to work with in terms of accuracy.

Rod Combo

Rod and reel combo is a good way to listen to the manufacturer’s recommendation. You can always put together your favorite pieces, but sometimes it’s better to let that to the hands of professionals.

In most cases, manufacturers pair poles and reels that will bring out the best of both. These are great if you’re uncertain about pairing the two pieces. Those combined by the manufacturer should work seamlessly and without any issues which are the main benefit they bring.

Luckily, there are many combos on the market. They range from those made for total beginners to those for experienced anglers with years of experience.

Bait used

If you use a lightweight rod with fast action, you should only choose lightweight plugs and small spoons. On the contrary, heavier lure and bait requires heavier power and slower action.

You might want to think about your preferred bait and lure before opting for a pole. This way, you can be sure that the rod of your choice can actually work with your favorite lure and bait since not all of them do.

If you’re into small lures, you should go for a spinning rig instead of a baitcasting rig. You lose backlash entirely, although you might lose some casting distance as well.

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Size has a lot to do with your casting distance as well as how maneuverable the rod is. In most cases, sizes range from 7 to 15 feet. Those measuring from 7 to 9 feet are great for fan casting in the surf. They’re ideal for small to medium fish, sharks, and rays.

Those measuring from 9 to 12 feet usually work on all surf fishing conditions. You can use them for jetties and fan casting.

Those ranging from 12 to 15 feet are only for long casting. These are for throwing the bait out as far as possible in order to catch some big fish.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, surfing rods are entirely different than the simple fishing poles you may use for other methods. This is because surf fishing is a bit more demanding, so your pole has to be able to put up with the process.

Still, choosing one shouldn’t be a problem for anyone as long as you carefully consider your needs and preferences. Think about what your favorite lure is and what fish you’re targeting. The distance you’re trying to reach is another factor you should keep in mind since it helps determine the size that would work for you.

Overall, the models we reviewed above are the top of what the market has to offer. They range in size as well as price, so we’re sure there’s one for you on that list.


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Surf fishing is among the most exciting types of fishing for most anglers. It's entirely different and a bit more demanding which is why you need the best
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