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Top 3 Best Casting Rods for Carp Fishing

Who doesn’t love the challenge that is carp fishing? Carp is relatively easy to catch, but you need a specific casting rod to retrieve the fish.

I researched and found three best casting rods for carp fishing that stand out the most. The Daiwa Black Widow carp fishing rod is the best one, thanks to its durable construction, moderate action, and medium-heavy power.

Daiwa Black Widow, Daiwa Rebellion, and Shimano landed me the most fish, but they have several differences. The Black Widow is best overall, but the other two are equally worth your attention.

Read below for more details on how these casting rods perform and what makes them good for carp fishing.

Best Overall


Daiwa Black Widow Carp Fishing Rod

Best For Beginners


Daiwa Rebellion Casting Rod

Best by Budget


Shimano Sojourn Casting Rod

1. Daiwa Black Widow Carp Fishing Rod

Best Overall

Standout Features:

The Daiwa Black Widow casting rod is our best choice because of its durability and ease of use. In terms of durability, I noticed that it feels quite strong. The blank can withstand rough handling and fighting fish.  

Daiwa is a well-known brand that’s been around for ages. From the very beginning, Daiwa focused on quality and innovation both of which stand out in the Black Widow carp fishing rod. 

It’s been a big name in the tackle industry ever since it first showed up in 1955 and is now selling across the globe.

Daiwa has the credibility and reliability you want when choosing a carp fishing rod. The rod has carbon blanks and a slim profile that looks sleek and modern. 

And, the slim blank is exactly what stands out the most with the Daiwa Black Widow. It almost looks too slim to handle a fish as heavy as carp. It has the ideal combination of flexibility and endurance to fight carp.

I went for the 10’ rod because it has enough length for long distance casting without losing the backbone you need for heavy carp. The slim blank gives it more power, making it easy to catapult the rigs accurately. For power, you can go for medium to medium-heavy, while action should be moderate to moderate-fast. 

The Daiwa Black Widow is a 3-piece casting rod. The three pieces are easy to pack in your car and transport wherever you’re fishing. And, the connection points seem sturdy, making this product a long-lasting fishing rod. , so don’t worry about it breaking.

This product weighs only a little over 13 ounces, so it’s comfortable to use for hours. Plus, the handle is quite long and covered with a black shrinking tube. This is a good thing because it’s non-slippery even when wet.

Daiwa Black Widow has six titanium oxide double-leg guides to allow the line to run smoothly. This is particularly important when going after carp because the fish will fight. But, the same slim blank we love it for can be the downside. In other words, some people might not feel confident when fishing large species. 

2. Daiwa Rebellion Casting Rod

Best For Beginners

Standout Features:

Daiwa Rebellion is another casting rod that’s excellent for carp fishing. It’s a 7’11’’ rod with heavy power and a lure weight rating of 4 ounces.

Once again, Daiwa did an amazing job of providing both the flexibility and backbone needed for heavy-duty carp. I noticed this with the first cast and the first fish hooked. It flexes right where it needs to because of its heavy power. 

The Daiwa Rebellion is a budget-friendly option, which is suitable for beginners that want to get their feet wet.

What attracted me to the Daiwa Rebellion was the weight and materials used. In regards to the weight, it’s made from Daiwa HVF graphite that’s among the lightest materials. And, it also features the additional X45 wrap from its tip to the butt. This gives it more durability and resistance that you’ll need when fighting carp.

Another thing that stands out is the guide train. The Rebellion comes with Fuji SiC guides often found in top-rated rods, so it’s a nice touch given the price. It has nine guides plus the tip.

It comes with an 18’’ handle that goes from the reel seat to the butt end. It’s a large handle that shows exactly what the Rebellion is made for. It’s a split-grip handle with a thin layer of EVA foam for added comfort and grip.

However, some might feel the thin layer of EVA foam is too thin. I can see why this can be an issue for long-hour fishing because it doesn’t have so much cushioning. 

Everything on this rod is slim and thin, so it feels nice and light in hand. Although it might seem too delicate to handle carp, it does an excellent job of bending at the right places, helping you retrieve the big fish.

Due to its design, it’s easy to cast a long distance using any bait up to 4 ounces. It has plenty of force and accuracy, so there’s no need for overhead casting if you’re not a fan.

Finally, you’ll notice the Air Sensor reel seat that stands out from most that we’ve seen on casting rods. It works well with most reels, so I paired it with several I already have.

3.Shimano Sojourn Casting Rod

Best by Budget

Standout Features:

Shimano Sojourn has the balance of tradition and modern innovation, bringing the two worlds together. This means it utilizes materials that have been around for ages, combining them with new and advanced features. 

You can choose between medium and medium-heavy, although both work well for carp, depending on your particular needs.

This product provides several standout features that you’ll love for carp fishing. I should first mention the split-grip handle, combining cork and EVA foam. The rear grip is made from cork, while the foregrip has EVA foam for some more cushioning.

The handles contrast the black and red color scheme, which is another plus.

The Shimano Sojourn also has aluminum oxide guides and a lure rating of 3/8-2. This is the best lure weight to use for its action and power. And, aluminum oxide guides are durable, so there’s no risk of pop-outs. 

It has a monoline rating of 12-30 pounds, so you can even use it for other species.

Another standout feature of this product is the graphite reel seat with a custom locking nut. It’s comfortable and easy to use with many different reels you like working with.

The blank itself bends just enough to allow easy retrieving. However, it doesn’t lack the backbone, so don’t be scared of the flexibility. It has enough power to bring carp to the surface without too much fighting.

This is especially the case if you pair it with a quality reel and line that can handle the weight. It’s a good budget option if it’s your first time catching carp. But, it’s not exclusively made for beginners, so you’ll be able to use it for a long time as you gain more experience.

Buying Guide: Casting Rods for Carp Fishing

Buying the best casting rod for carp fishing can be challenging if you’re a beginner. This is because the market is packed with different blanks.

We will go over the following: length, strength, action, material, and handle. These are the main features to look out for prior to purchasing a carp rod.

Rod Length

Any rod length between 7’ and 10’ is good for carp fishing. Anything longer than that might work in specific situations but not so much for everyday fishing.

If it’s your first time catching carp, you might want to start with a 9’ casting rod. It’s the most versatile length that works well in most situations. It’s suitable for all locations, crampy and spacious ones.

An 8-½’ casting rod is also a good starting point if you need more accuracy. Rods longer than 10’ might still work but are more suitable for experienced anglers since they take a while to get used to.


For carp fishing, you should stick to medium to medium-heavy strength. Rod strength (otherwise known as power) refers to the blanks’ ability to withstand pressure before bending. It can also relate to the rod’s thickness.

On average, carp can weigh up to 40 pounds, so you need a rod to withstand this weight. Medium to medium-heavy rods are between the thinnest and thickest models.

These are meant for line weight of 4 to 12 lb. test for medium power and 8 to 14 lb. test for medium-heavy power. Which one you’ll choose depends on your choice of line and lure.


The best action for carp fishing is moderate fast to fast. Fast action rods are stiff, having most of the bend at the uppermost part of the blank.

These carp rods are sensitive, good for heavy lures, and strong fighting fish.

Moderate fast rods bend deeper, closer to the middle part of the blank. This action rating is the perfect combination of sensitivity and backbone, so it’s good for beginners.

Fast action rods have medium to long casting distances, while moderate-fast rods are good for all casting distances.


The materials for casting carp rods are made from carbon fiber, fiberglass, graphite, composite, or bamboo. Carbon fiber and graphite are the best for carp fishing but they’re on the pricier end.

Graphite can withstand rough conditions and heavy fish like carp. However, they might be a bit of a challenge for beginners because they lack the flexibility needed.

Fiberglass is lightweight, less expensive than graphite, and durable. It’s suitable for beginners because it can withstand ripping, tugging, and other harsh movements.

However, it’s also not the most flexible, so it can easily snap if you put too much weight onto it.

Composite rods bring the best of graphite and fiberglass. It’s the middle ground, so it’s good for beginners and experienced anglers.

Bamboo is also a good material for fishing rods, although not as popular as the other materials. It does provide a classic fishing experience, but it might be tricky to use in less-than-perfect conditions.


It doesn’t matter which handle you choose for carp fishing. 

The handle is made from cork, foam, or a combination of both. For carp fishing, it doesn’t matter which one you’ll choose. It’s a personal preference.

Cork is a more traditional option, so some people prefer how it looks. However, the foam does better when it comes to resisting temperature changes.

You can also choose between two types called trigger stick and pistol grips. A pistol grip is short and has a hook for your index finger. This is meant to allow more accurate casts.

A trigger stick handle is longer and more suitable for long casts. Both types work well for carp fishing.

FAQ: Casting Rods for Crap Fishing

How Far Can Carp Rods Cast?

You can cast carp rods up to 100 yards with a 12-pound mainline. However, it depends on how you cast, how you hold your arms, and whether you’re working the rod properly.

Long distance casting depends on the rod length as well, so make sure to consider this beforehand.

Does a Stiffer Rod Cast Further for Carp?

A stiffer rod won’t cast further for carp. If a rod has heavy power and action, it’s not going to bend as much.

This also means it won’t load as much as a rod with moderate action and medium power.

What is the Best Time to Catch Carp?

The best time to catch carp is in the morning, early evening, and night. You can catch carp at any time of the day, but it’s more likely you’ll be successful during these times.

Carp feeds more during the dark, which is why dawn and dusk are the best.

Final Thoughts on the Best Casting Rods for Carp Fishing

Which casting rod for carp fishing do you like the best? I found the Daiwa Black Widow carp fishing rod to work the best in different conditions. Plus, it’s suitable for both small and large carp.

However, the other two are equally easy to use for carp fishing. They have different handles and reel seats, so it all comes down to your personal preference.