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10 Best Bass Fishing Rods For The Money in 2022

Have you ever tried bass fishing? The sport is exciting, but you need the best equipment in order to enjoy it to the fullest.

This fish is aggressive and won’t give in once it’s hooked. Instead, it puts up a fight and reeling them in is a challenge. Catching bass is a thrill, and you’ll quickly realize why it’s among the most popular types of fishing.

One thing you’ll need for success is an excellent bass rod. The right choice should be based on the brand, it’s reliability, flexibility, and sensitive all in the correct ratio, so it doesn’t break and spoil your experience.

Avid bass anglers know the importance of quality equipment. If you’re looking for the best bass fishing rod, then continue reading as we discuss some of the greatest models on the market. We’ve also included some valuable information in our Buyer’s Guide to help you make your decision.

Best Overall


KastKing Speed Demon Bass Fishing Rod Series

Best For Beginners


KastKing Royale Legend Fishing Rod

Best by Budget


Entsport Camo Legend 2-Piece 7-Feet Casting Rod

1. KastKing Speed Demon Bass Fishing Rod Series

Best Overall

Standout Features:

We rank the KastKing Speed Demon number 1 as the best rod for bass fishing. This one has KastKing proprietary dimensional 16-graphite rod blanks for best lifting power and hook strength. It’s still sensitive and lightweight but strong enough to tackle some powerful fish.

It has Fuji reel seat and guides that allow smooth operation at all times. Its traditional-looking handle is made of 3A cork, and it’s quite comfortable for long days of fishing.

This is a casting rod that measures 6’8’’ and has medium power. It’s sensitive enough for you to feel the fish bite as soon as it happens; while its power helps you pull the catch to the surface.

The series features eleven technique-specific rods for different anglers and various fish species. Though all are one-piece models, two are spinning rods while nine are casting pieces.

2. KastKing Royale Legend Fishing Rod

Best for Beginners

Standout Features:

This one is made with Toray 24-ton carbon matrix KastFlex technology blanks. It gives the construction power as well as sensitivity. Thanks to its laser manufacturing, the rod offers consistency, quality, and impressive performance.

It comes with Fuji O-ring guides for high accuracy and casting distance. Because the guides dissipate heat more efficiently, they deliver durability with monofilament, braided, as well as fluorocarbon lines. The reel seat it comes with is made of high-strength nylon for comfort and solid base.

You can choose between one- and two-piece poles depending on your needs and preferences. Both can handle fish as heavy as 3 pounds thanks to the computer control wrapping at four angles.

The best thing about it is that it’s lightweight but still offers enough backbone to handle different fish and types of fishing.

3. Entsport Camo Legend 2-Piece 7-Feet Casting Rod

Best by Budget

Standout Features:

This one comes with two tips allowing you to choose between medium and medium heavy power rod tip. This makes it easy to adjust the rod to the casting weight providing more versatility. The design allows you to carry one instead of two rods, and you also have an additional tip if one breaks.

It’s made of 24-ton carbon fiber that’s lightweight but still quite strong. It has structurally enhanced construction that maintains sensitivity while improving strength.

The full-contact reel seal comes with corrosion-resistant aluminum hoods. It features a soft finish and is simple to use.

The rod comes with 6+1 corrosion-resistant guides that are spaced to allow friction-free line flow. This maximizes your casting performance as well as the overall sensitivity. It also features high-density EVA handles, allowing you more control and comfort.

4. KastKing Sharky III Spinning Fishing Rod and Reel Combo

Standout Features:

This attractive and good-looking rod is lightweight, sensitive and delivers quality performance. It comes with Toray IM7 graphite blanks that are durable and corrosion-resistant.

Much like all combos from KastKing, this one is a two-piece and measures 6’6’’ in length. It comes with Fuji guides and O-ring inserts for braided and monofilament lines. It also has a Fuji reel seat that keeps your reel in place even under pressure.

The pole has lightweight EVA handles and fighting butt for maximum comfort and a more reliable grip. It helps when you’re fishing for long hours, and you’re getting wet.

The combo includes the pole and Sharky III spinning reel. It’s a combination where both the rod and the reel provides great performance for heavy and aggressive fish.

5.Enigma Fishing Phenom Titanium Gen2 Spinning Rod

Standout Features:

Enigma Fishing is one of the most popular brands among experienced fishers. Its Gen2 is a light pole with 30-ton blended Japanese Toray graphite blanks. It’s a lightweight but strong construction that provides just enough sensitivity and flexibility for bass fishing.

For durability and longer casts, the manufacturer included titanium coated frames along with Zirconium rings. The combination also allows precision, resistance, and longevity.

It features an EVA handle for more comfort and superior grip. It’s a durable handle that you’ll enjoy even more if you’re out fishing for hours.

On top of that, the rod features 50-ton Carbon X-tape for some additional sensitivity and strength. All Gen2 poles are created to be simple, easy to use and durable enough to fight large and aggressive species.

6. KastKing Perigee II Fishing Rod

Standout Features:

Much like the most KastKing one-piece and two-piece rods, this one also comes with Toray 24-ton carbon matrix KastFlex technology blanks. They allow strength, accuracy, durability, and power.

The brand is known for its use of quality components such as Fuji O-ring guidelines. This pole also has ergonomic graphite high-strength reel seat, an EVA handle, and the Saf-T-Keeper hook holder.

Perigee II comes with two tips that are medium and medium heavy or medium with medium light. It makes the pole versatile, convenient and suitable for all kinds of fishing.

The key technology here is the PTS, which stands for Power Transition System and helps transition the power throughout the blank. Another thing that enhances its performance is the computer control wrapping at four angles.

7. Akataka M’Wave Bass Fishing Rod

Standout Features:

This is a two-piece baitcaster with 24-ton carbon fiber blanks. It’s lightweight, sensitive, and durable while it performs like a one-piece. It has structurally enhanced carbon fiber construction for best sensitivity and strength to fight heavy fish with ease.

Its handle is made of rubberized cork and EVA foam. This combination allows control and comfort while it also absorbs sweat and increases friction. Its rings are made of aluminum and are corrosion-resistant.

The pole comes with stainless steel guides and ceramic inserts for heat dissipation and lower friction. It also has a high-strength reel seat to keep the reel in place at all times. Its sensitive tip enhances the performance allowing you to feel the fish bite more easily.

The two pieces collapse into one another, making this fishing pole for bass quite portable and convenient. It fits 3000/4000 reels and 3/8-1/2 lures.

8. St Croix Bass X Casting Rods

Standout Features:

These rods are unique and come with an impressive combination of design and engineering. It features Poly Curve and Advanced Reinforcing Technology for enhanced strength and overall performance.

The handcrafted quality and two layers of Flex Coat provide durability and strength for catching large fish. Plus, it has a hard aluminum oxide finish that’s corrosion resistant and long-lasting.

It also comes with Fuji reel seat, and premium split-grip handles. It features EVA foam for excellent grip even when the rod is wet and slippery.

9. KastKing Speed Demon Pro Tournament Series

Standout Features:

This KastKing pole features Elite Carbon blanks and Nano Resin technology for enhanced performance. The technology helps reduce weight while increasing its lifting strength by over 30%. The blanks are strong, lightweight and sensitive.

The pole comes with Fuji guides and quality reel seat. It ensures secure and firm placement of the reel even under pressure of heavy fish. Its handle and fighting are the WINN golf-style grips for the best comfort.

It’s a one-piece rod that’s made of a blend of S-Glass and graphite for lightness, balance, and durability. Speed Demon Pro Tournament series offers fifteen different one-piece models suitable for different fish, and fishing styles.

It’s a great choice if you’re looking for enhanced action and sensitivity. There’s just enough power as well, which is what you’ll need to tackle something a heavy as bass.

10. Enigma Fishing Phenom Titanium Gen2 Casting Rod

Standout Features:

This one made with proprietary 30-ton blended Japanese Toray graphite blanks for lightness, durability, and strength. It’s a sensitive casting rod that has Alps guides with titanium coated frames. The guides also feature Zirconium rings for higher durability and better accuracy.

Its EVA foam handle is comfortable and non-slippery, so you’ll have a strong grip on the pole even when it’s wet. Such hands-on grip enhances the sensitivity allowing you to feel even the slightest bite.

The pole was created with 50-ton Carbon X-Tape technology that helps deliver superior performance in both saltwater and freshwater conditions. It’s a one-piece that’s long-lasting and corrosion-resistant so you can enjoy it for years to come.

Buying Guide: Bass Fishing Rod

The first thing you should keep in mind is that there’s no such thing as a perfect rod that fits everyone. This is precisely why so many brands offer as many different options. Even though a certain rod is quality-made and fits most people, that doesn’t have to mean it will suit your needs.

Still, choosing one isn’t as simple since you have to choose between many features and specifications. The choice can get a bit overwhelming which makes it hard to pick just one.

There are many features and factors you should consider. By knowing all the technical terms, you can have a better insight into what each model offers.

In the text below, you’ll find all the info required for you to make the best decision. We’ll discuss materials, handle types, length, power and much more.


The handle is among the most important components of a rod, even though so many people still neglect it. Comfort and overall ease of use are directly connected to how well-made the handle is.

The grip has to comfortable and strong for you to be able to tackle even the heaviest fish. It’s the part where you’ll be holding the rod, so it must be reliable even in cold and wet weather conditions.

You can choose between wood, EVA foam, and cork handles. Cork handles are quite sensitive, lightweight and ideal for detecting the bite.

EVA foam is comfortable and durable, but only if it’s attached well. If not, it could be slippery. On the other hand, wood is only suitable for warmer weather conditions since it can get quite cold to hold on to. Still, they’re probably among the most durable handles.


Action refers to how flexible or stiff the rod is when it bends. This describes how far down from the tip the construction bends when it’s under pressure. Its action is best seen in the shape it gets when there’s weight hanging from it.

You can choose between extra fast, fast, moderate and slow action pieces. Sometimes, the action is also described as medium or heavy though that can be somewhat confusing since the same terms are used for rod power.

Extra-fast rods aren’t as flexible, and they flex aggressively only at the upper lip. Those don’t bend as much throughout the pole. However, they’re sensitive and ideal for big fish and heavy covers.

Fast action pieces are more flexible and those bend towards the middle of the pole. They provide flex and power and are among the most favorite for freshwater fishing.

Moderate action rods are ideal for casting lures. They bend all the way to the middle and are great for finesse tactics and light fishing line.

Slow action pieces are the most flexible, and they bend throughout the entire pole. In most cases, they’re suitable for smaller lures, light baits, and small bass.


Some people call this backbone as well. Either way, power refers to the strength of the rod and the power it requires to bend or load. It’s described as heavy, medium-heavy, medium, light, or ultra-light.

Heavy power poles are the least flexible and ideal for heavy and large fish. Light power rods bend much easier and are more suitable for small fish.

Rod power might also determine fishing line and lure weights that you can use with the rod in question. This means that heavier rod power allows a heavier lure and fishing line. On the other hand, lighter rod power allows only small fishing line and lures.


Rods should be sensitive in order to transmit vibrations, but they should also be sturdy, durable and flexible enough. The right ratio is achieved with fiberglass, graphite and a combination of the two.

Those made of carbon fiber or graphite are lightweight and comfortable. They’re sensitive enough for you to feel the fish bite. For this reason, they’re ideal for picky fish and fishing in bad weather.

Such high-sensitivity tends to make anglers perform a hookset way too soon. This results in fish escaping before it bites.

Fiberglass rods are more affordable but are heavier than graphite rods. These are durable, strong and aren’t as sensitive. In the hands-on an experienced angler, this one can detect even the slightest bite.

In most cases, these flex from the tip to the butt when you’re lifting the fish. They’re ideal for large and heavy fish.

Last but not least, you can also opt for a composite rod that’s a combination of fiberglass and graphite. These are quite sensitive and have a low weight of a graphite rod. In addition, they have durability and resistance of fiberglass.

Choose one of these is up to you since there’s no saying which material is the best. All the materials perform differently and are best suited for different anglers, weather conditions, and fishing styles.

Rod Length for Bass

In most cases, bass rods measure 6 to 8 feet in length though you can find some measuring 9 feet as well.

If the rod is long, you have a longer distance to cast. Shorter rods tend to be more accurate and provide better control since the distance isn’t as large.

Consider the casting distance when you’re choosing rod length for bass. Think about the type of bait you’ll use as well as where you’re casting from.

If you’re casting for short and medium distances, you should opt for a short rod. Those that measure from 7.5 to 12 ft. are mostly suited for long distances and open areas.

Smaller pieces are better for casting from a kayak or a dock. You should use small to medium lures to catch smaller bass. If you’re using heavier lures and going after larger bass, you’ll need a larger rod.

Two Types of Bass Rods (Casting vs. Spinning)

You probably noticed the two types of bass fishing rods. Casting and spinning rods are the two types you can choose from depending on your style of fishing and size of bass you’re targeting.

You should know the difference between the two, so you can choose one that suits you the best.

Casting Rod

These have guides and the reel located at the top side of the pole. Its guides are bigger at the reel end, but their size reduces as they move away.

The design gives you better control and more pulling power because the weight doesn’t pull against the guides as much as the rod itself. Because of this, these are better for heavier lines and lures. They have the strength to handle aggressive and heavy bass.

Most people like baitcasting rods since those are efficient for catching heavy targets. It’s suitable for spinnerbaits, cranks, buzz baits, toads, jerk baits, topwater slop and other. Though experienced anglers love these models, beginners tend to be scared of them at first.

Spinning Rod

These have guides and reel at the underside of the rod. The guides are larger, and the line performs differently than on a baitcasting pole.

They’re more suitable for light lures and lines as well as small bass. In most cases, people opt for a spinning rod if there are spots that are somewhat tricky to reach. Because they’re somewhat easier to use, spinning poles and reels are more suitable for beginners. People who are just starting in fishing use them to learn some techniques and tricks before moving to baitcasting poles.

Thanks to the overall construction and performance, these rods for bass are ideal for drop shot rigs, micro cranks, topwater and other similar techniques.

FAQ for Bass Fishing Rods

Should I Pick Casting or Spinning?

As we said, it’s hard to tell which of the two is the best choice. The two differ in several ways, and as such, they’re suitable for different people and fishing styles.

Beginners might have better luck with spinning rods because they’re easy to use, fairly accurate and take less practice. These also require less maintenance, but you should consider trying a casting rod as well.

What’s the Difference Between Action vs. Power?

Try grabbing your pole by the tip and bending it in a natural curve. The location at which it starts to bend is what gives you action. On the other hand, power is actually the pressure that it takes to bend the pole.

Why Use Stiff Rod for Bass Fishing?

You want a stiff rod if you want to drag the fish out efficiently. There are weeds and all kinds of mess underneath the water surface, so it takes power and stiffness to get the catch out.

A rod that’s too flexible will bend way too much, and you won’t be able to pull that heavy fish out.

When is the Best Time to Fish for Bass?

The best time to fish for bass is early morning or later in the evening. Bass are hunters that hunt during the early morning and night. If you fish at those times, you will catch more bass than other fish.

Final Thoughts on The Best Bass Fishing Rod

At this point, you’ve probably picked one of these rods as your next choice. Since they’re all quality-made and suitable for bass fishing, you can’t go wrong with either.

Still, you should know what they deliver and if they’re suitable for your fishing style. If you’re indecisive about which model would be the best for you, we suggest you try the Entsport Camo Legend 2-Piece 7-Feet Casting Rod.

This one is highly accurate and durable. It’s made of resistant materials, so the construction won’t show any signs of wear and tear any time soon. The entire pole is made of 24-ton carbon fiber and is lightweight and easy to use. Also, it features EVA foam grip for enhanced control especially when the fish bites.

While the Entsport rod is among the best choices, you should consider all your options. Choose depending on your needs and preferences since only then you can find the rod that’s best for you.

Think about the factors we’ve discussed in the Buyer’s Guide and think about your style, conditions in which you’re fishing, as well as fish you’re targeting. These simple factors can help you decide on one of these poles.